Savings Products

AMML Savings Account

This is a regular savings account which allows the account holder to deposit and withdraw cash at will.

AMML Savings Plus Account

Amml savings plus account is a savings account that allows third party withdrawal; withdrawal is made on presenting its customized withdrawal cheque while deposit is made with the regular deposit slip.

AMML SavingsBiz

This is a savings account that is business friendly, it has a combine value; savings and credit, the customer is expected to save a fixed turnover daily for two weeks and this will allow the customer to access facility in this account up 300% the saved amount. The customer will contribute 10% equity to access the facility.

AMML Investment Savings Account

This savings account is actually investment in nature, is a savings account that attracts interest within 4-6 % per annum, withdrawals from this account is once yearly and it after 365 and subsequent years twice and not more than 60% of its total deposit.